FYI from Fun Unlimited

February 8, 2019 - Another month of the same up and down weather.  The trails were amazing the first week in February.  We had a couple back to back storms that dumped feet of snow and it stayed cold enough to get them groomed nicely.  Then the warm weather came back again with rain and wind - we lost most of our snow again.  Hoping to have more snow by next week and build the trails back again.  If you are willing to travel there is still riding, just not good lubrication.  

Superbowl was pretty boring and uneventful.... low scores and pretty poor commercials!  Oh well maybe better next year.  

It won't be long and Ryan and Bill will be traveling to Florida for the 2020 Snowmobile show.  Then before we know it, it will be time to snowcheck your new sled.  As we understand it, the 850's will be Snowcheck ONLY again this year.  Everyone that got one this year have been raving about this model - the ride and handling are terrific, the power is amazing and the color choices were a nice feature.  Keep an eye on the website March 4th for the 2020 release. 

Hope to see you on the trail! 

January 10, 2019 - Snow, rain, melt, green grass, back to snow, sub-zero temps, rain, snow, cold!  What a start to winter! 

Hopefully now that the new year is here we will get and retain enough snow to start getting the trails groomed and rideable. 

Bill took the groomer class recently and is riding in the groomer with experienced groomers for a while, then he will be out helping keep the trails nice and flat.  There is less logging in Cranberry Lake are this year so maybe this will be a great year.  Pinecone, Seveys, Twin Lakes and the Legion would appreciate your business.  Stop at UB's on the way for gas, maybe Nice and Easy for trail snacks and have a great day. 

Ryan has been going to the Hill Climbs in Turin.  The first try was a good learning curve and the second time he came home with the 850 Stock trophy!  Great job guys....

09/13/2018  Another month gone, summer is winding down, fall is next!  Cory and James are attending WOTT today - "Way Out Training Tour".  Polaris brings in competitors units and they will ride our new ORVs and the competitors on a closed two mile track that will give them a little of everything - bumps, smooth trails, hills, sharp corners, etc to make comparisons.  Stop in an talk to them. 

We set up a booth at the Elite Bass Masters fishing tournament in Waddington last month!  Wow, that is a big event for NNY....we saw many of our regular customers and hopefully talked to some new customers as well.  Those guys caught some big fish and they will be back for the next 3 years...

I noticed today that the leaves are stating to change, are you ready for cooler weather? Ready for hunting season - do you have an ATV or Ranger to get to your stand or to drag out your buck?  If not stop in we can help you pick the right model for your application. 

Our thoughts are with anyone in the line of Florence, stay safe.  

08/15/2018 Great news, I have added this task to my month end list to complete. 

 As many of you have heard, Fun Unlimited is under new ownership.  As of February, Ryan Powers purchased the business, inventory and equipment.  It has been business as usual, the transition was very smooth.  Ryan has purchased some new tools for the shop to increase efficiency for Cory and James.  Janice is still working full time, Bill is working as needed and enjoying his semi-retirement!  

Polaris has just introduced the 2019 ATVs, Ranger, RZRs and Generals, they should start shipping soon. Sales were amazing this spring and early summer and we are looking forward to a busy fall season getting ORVs ready for hunting season or fall foliage viewing. 

 We have received our first 2019 sled - a great looking 600 Adventure with all the bells and whistles. 

Snowcheck was great this year with the introduction of the new 850 Patriot Engine, we can't wait get them on the snow and play. 

12/27/11 I hope everyone had a great Christmas, sorry I haven't updated this in a while, it has been so busy here! I love it, my days are over before I even know I came to work! Have a Happy New Year from your friends at Fun Unlimited.

A while ago we were invited to participate in the American Snowmobilier Shootout in Woodgate.....Bill & his "pit crew" did an awesome job under short notice! In the stock portion of the event the 600 Rush Polaris ran an elapsed time of 12.9 at 87 mph and 12.7 at 88 mph in Dealer Prep. The 800 Rush Polaris ran 11.8 at 95 mph in the stock portion and 11.6 at 95 mph in the dealer prep portion. They came home with plaques for Best Box Stock 600 Rush and Best Dealer Improved for the 800 Rush. We hope to be invited back next year and have a little more prep time than this year!

Now the "Sales Pitch" -- Both these sleds are now available for sale! And since they have 6-7 miles on them they are discounted $300 on top of any discounts offered by Polaris, plus free carbide studs (144 in the 600 and 192 in the 800), call us if you are interested! You could own the sleds that won the American Snowmobiler Shootout!

Again we hope you have a Happy New Year, we thank you for your business in 2011 and hope to see you in 2012 whether it is to buy something or to visit about your last ride on your ATV, Ranger or Sled, We love to hear about you adventures on your Polaris!

(Just a side note, My sister (Ree) and I decided this summer we were going to try to become 46er's, which means we are going to climb 46 mountains in the Adirondacks that are over 4000 feet high! So far we have climbed 6 of them in just under a month this summer. We will start again next summer! We did two each weekend for 3 different weekends, and the best part is Bill did 4 of them with us! )

11/13/10 Well, November 13th already, where did summer and fall go!? I just read my post from March 16th and chuckled, because we have now switched the showroom back over to sleds again! The winter clothing is all back in, the sleds are on display and we are looking for snow! Although we still have some ATV stuff out for the hunters. We have had a great year, quite busy in both the showroom and the shop. Anyone that has been in recently has met the newest puppy, Bailey, a female yellow lab. Unfortunately, we lost our twelve year old lab, Magnum this last spring. So now Ranger has a new puppy to break in! The winter clothing is awesome looking this year. Polaris partnered with FXR for some jackets and bibs. Stop and visit or check out the websites and we'll ship you some goods, or just stop and see the new puppy and chat a while!

03/16/10 As much as I hate to admit it, I think the sled season is over. We are starting to convert the showroom over to ATV's and Rangers! We have the clothing still in the showroom and the 600 RUSH, we will be leaving them there until the Open House April 10th. Hope to see alot of our regular customers here and maybe some new ones also! We will have a 2011 800 Pro R RUSH on display all week, April 5-10th, so even if you don't plan to Snow Check a sled and you would like to see one, stop in for a visit. We will also be marking all the remaining snow clothing and helmets that are in stock 25 % OFF, save at the end of the season! Snow Check is awesome this year, you can get a 2 year warranty and $700 accessories on the RUSH Sleds, we haven't offered that much in accessories in years! And if you are a person that trades every year, Polaris will give you a coupon worth $1000 back to you directly next year! How is that for loyalty!? Well, gotta go finish addressing open house flyers, hope to see everyone April 10th......

02/24/10  We are having a planning meeting at the Harrisville Rod and Gun Club for a benefit for Don Gadbaw. He had an accident on his sled and his insurance doesn't cover many of his medical expenses. Anyone wishing to attend the benefit on April 3 at the Harrisville Fire Department is more than welcome. If you can't attend but would like to make a donation to the benefit of something to raffle, call or drop it off at the shop. Any one who know Don & Lynne know that if there is something to be done for someone else, they are there to help and we re glad to step in and help them in their time of need.

02/23/10  Bill took two of our good customers, Bob Silmser and Robby Tebo, to Old Forge to ride the 2011 demo 800 Pro R RUSH sleds. We found the sleds to be very responsive and smooth. Polaris has changed the geometry in the rear pro-ride suspension, which seems to make them ride even better. The power of the 800 engine is quite impressive. They wouldn't let us look under the hoods, they wanted to keep it a surprise until the dealer show in Vegas March 7th. After that all the info will be on the website, All in all, we were very impressed with all the improvements....

Consumers are invited to the Consumer Demo Rides in Old Forge March 13 and 14th, you can get your chance to ride the all new 800 Pro R RUSH.

It's been a busy couple of weeks again. We had some friends in again from Wyalusing Pa. (Wyalusing Snow snake, Northern Division). We had a great time at camp. They travel 4 and a half hours to ride with us. We spent some "quality" time with our friend Mark at the Pinecone on Saturday (where Chip and Jeff did a little River Dancing!). On Sunday we did some old-fashioned sledding down the groomed sled trail in front of camp and sat around the bonfire watching snowmobiles go by, then watched the Superbowl. Paul tried to "wrastle" a deer and as far as I know the deer won! Everyone hit the road back to home on Monday morning. Last weekend we made the trek to their hometown to celebrate Bugs's retirement...the lucky guy! Enjoy it Bugs! We sure did have fun at the party! (Thanks for the free room and board to the Grand Poo-pah and his missus!)

Bill, Brad C. and Dave R. rode almost 500 miles on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! They left our camp in Cranberry Tuesday morning and rode to Speculator, 190 miles. Wednesday they rode from there to Turin passing through some pretty sparse conditions in the Boonville area, 150 miles. Since it was vacation week from school for most area kids, they had a hard time finding a hotel the second night and stayed in a really nice B & B (Roz"s), they raved about the breakfast, french toast, eggs, bacon, sausage, etc. Thursday they made their way back to Cranberry Lake, 130 miles, no worse for the wear.

02/03/2010 It's been awhile since I have updated this page.....we have had a busy sled season! We have not had a chance to ride much since we have been spending so many hours in the shop! Many of you may not know that Josh Simmons went to work full time at the St. Lawrence County Jail, but we were fortunate to have hired Tyler Forbes, a graduate of the Canton College Polaris Training School. If you get a chance, stop in and meet Tyler! We also have a new "puppy", a black lab named Ranger that is now about 8 months old. He is great at greeting customers.....

Heres to Puxsatauny Phil being correct and there being 6 more weeks of winter!

03/25/09 It's been a fun couple of weekends for us. On the 14th we played "golf" on Cranberry Lake! What a blast.....they had painted the teeing area and greens with green food coloring, put in flags and holes for us. It was VERY reasonable, I think we paid $10 per person and that included a personalized shirt and dinner at the Lodge. Then on the 21st we held the First Annual Cook's Pond Polar Plunge. A group of people that gather at each others camps decided to take the plunge in the pond to raise money for the snowmobile club. Thanks to the Jones for cutting the hole and serving food there was $250 raised. Here are some photos:

FYI from Fun Unlimited

FYI from Fun Unlimited

I think they will try to do it again next year! Thanks to all who participated, you are a brave bunch!

03/04/09 Bill & I just got back from the 2010 Dealer Show at Turning Stone Casino in Verona. Bill and Ryan took the new 600 RUSH for a demo ride. This was the second time Bill has ridden the sled so he was getting more comfortable on it and was impressed with the handling & control. Looking the sled over in the showroom situation was quite interesting, it has an all new chassis design, all new rear suspension design, and some interesting features for Snowcheck. You get a 2 year Polaristar ESC, you can order different height windshields, you get a bag to go under the seat for storage, and you get a RUSH Soft Shell jacket. Polaris has not given a jacket in years! You also have to option of adding electric start to the RUSH.

The Dragon models come with one of four color and graphics package and a choice of up to $800 in accessories or a 3 year Polaristar ESC.

The clothing line looked pretty cool, not a lot of change, but slightly different. I talked to the clothing manager about layering, layering, layering! For those of us that have not gotten the massage yet, he said to remind customers that cotton is the worst thing to ride in, we should have polyester next to our skin to wick the moisture away!

The helmets looked great, same AF 1.5 shell, new graphics. As yet we have not received our 2010 Snowcheck Kit with brochures, as soon as I do I will post it here, or you can call us anytime.

02/23/2009 This is a new page to our website, something similar to a "Blog"...I thought it would be a nice place to just put some ideas and information out there for our customers and website visitors, what we have been up to and events that may be happening in our area . I will try to keep the events page up to date, but sometimes fall behind in that task!

Wow, can you believe that February is almost gone? What a nice winter....other than a couple really cold weekends and then a "slight" thaw in February, we have had pretty consistent snow on the trails. Hopefully everyone has been having a great winter also, getting to ride as much or as often as you want.

Bill went to Old Forge recently to ride the new RUSH 600 from Polaris, he was pretty impressed. I believe there will be a consumer ride there on March 14th and 15th, so if you would like to at least see the 2010 sleds, that would be a great time. You can check out the virtual video at

Bill & I are headed to the Turning Stone Casino Sunday, March 1st for the 2010 dealer meeting, so we should have all the information on the 2010 sleds figured out by the end of the second week of March.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, head to the Harrisville Rod & Gun Club, the Long Pond Snowsled Club is hosting the Old Dog Ride. They usually get about 25-30 sleds from the 1960-1970's, most of them beautifully restored, along with Darrells restored groomer. It is a blast from the past that you shouldn't miss. Many of the drivers dress in vintage clothing and helmets also, fun fun fun!

Ride safe, hope to see you on the trails, Bill & Janice